The Chiavarina was created in 1807 by a cabinetmaker from Chiavari on the northwestern Italian coast, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi (known as "Campanino" because he came from a family of bell ringers), who at the invitation of the president of the Economic Society of Chiavari, the Marquis Stefano Rivarola, reworked some chairs in the French Empire style, simplifying the decorative elements and lightening the structural elements.

The chair was a success and soon many factories opened in Chiavari and surrounding towns. When Gaetano Descalzi died in 1855, about 600 workers were making Chiavari chairs. The chair was praised by Charles Albert of Savoy, Napoleon III, and by the sculptor Antonio Canova.

Top Ten Reasons to Rent Chiavari Chairs
  1. 10. Chiavari chairs deliver thrills even without any frills.

  2. 9.There are countless ways to add on your favorite things-- bows, sashes and ribbons galore!

  3. 8.People will like you more because the chair has a cushion they can put their tush on.

  4. 7.Move ‘em around again, and again, and again because they’re light and durable.

  5. 6.How can you go wrong with gold or silver?

  6. 5.Your guests will look so proper and feel super comfy.

  7. 4.It’s see-through, so people can see all the hours you spent on decorating the tables.

3. If you spill your wine, you can just trade out the cushion. Neat until the party’s complete.

  1. 2.They look expensive.

And the number 1 reason we love chiavari chairs at weddings is...

1. You can pronounce chiavari (shi-VAR-ee) and sound so super cool.


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